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Planning to Build Online Shopping Site

If you do not already have a website (why not?), You must first register your domain name and pay for hosting (unless you have your own server). A basic website is very easy to design using a web editor and model. If you already have a website, according to the plan through the purchase of an existing page.

Shopping List

You should choose a shopping cart software – just a few plugins that work with your existing site, while others are things that require a fully customized engagement levels apart much deeper. Choose one that suits your company and your products. Look for things like the ability to search and display – closer to what you want, the less work you have to do before you can just put your stuff and go.


Shopping cart software that makes decisions, calculate tax / handling / shipping, returns processing, sending and receiving notifications – in short, this is your virtual salesman. There is no reason to blow your budget as a whole, but not less than it should.


You must have the ability to accept payments online, and customers should feel secure in the fact that your information is right for you, not the pirates in a dark basement somewhere. A secure server is the first step, but you also need a secure way to process credit card information.

First, create an internet merchant account with your bank to allow money to flow from the client to your account. Then you need a payment gateway account, which acts as an intermediary to facilitate the transaction. Shopping cart software that you may come with this capability, so check before you spend the money on other services.



Instead of all this, you can only activate PayPal on your site. Believers, and it’s safe. They do not charge a monthly fee, but they occupy about 3% of each transaction, so that’s something to think about. In fact, even if you have a payment processing side, it is always a good idea to offer PayPal customers choice because many people do not believe any other form of payment online. This is especially true for small businesses that do not have a national reputation. PayPal also offers shopping cart software which is important for a small fee if you do not need super-customization features.

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